Online tuition can be fun ! 

Good Grades, Great Future

The GCSEs are the most critical turning point of a student’s academic life. 

We’ve got teachers and examiners on board, each of whom has tutored a GCSE student just like you, with much success in the UK !

No More Rush Hour Traffic and Expensive Tuition 

If you’re nervous, indecisive or just plain stressed, this is the time to stop. You can now study at your home with our qualified tutors. Simply no more rush hour traffic, expensive tuition and hectic routine. 

Concepts, Practice And Revision

Stop cramming. Stop memorizing. Stop stressing about ‘going blank’. Build your concepts with UK's finest teachers and examiners. This is your life-time chance !!

Why Us

IGCSE/O-Level & A-Levels are critical years in your education. Your good results in these exams help you get admission at a reputable University and make your passion, your career.

All this require hard work which for some also mean taking additional tuition classes. So wheather you are looking for a tutor for Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English or any other subject, you are at the right place.

What Do We Offer:

4D eLearning offer online tuition classes for IGCSE/O-Level and A-Level subjects. We hire best teachers from the UK with vast teaching experience, certified for teaching in UK schools. 

The tuition classes run on our virtual classroom application which is accessible from anywhere in the world with a computer or a mobile device connected to the internet. Therefore, you no longer have to travel to coaching centres or private tutors in rush hour traffic of Karachi or Lahore. 

Our Team:

Our team consist of experienced teachers from different parts of the UK. The team is lead by Dr. Christine Timperely, who has an over 25 years of experience of teaching in UK schools as well as online tutoring. Dr. Christine, along with the management conduct interviews with the tutors and manages the class schedules and lesson plans. Apart from Christine, we also have Mark Trusson on board who has been Head Teacher in three different Schools in the UK and understand the needs of students as well as maintaining the standard of education. 

Our Classroom:

The online classroom environment is flexible and allows the students to talk to the tutor (provided they have headsets and microphone) or use the interactive tools such as “Hands up”, Yes/No, the ability to type a question or take part in a poll. The breakout rooms, whiteboard and attention indicator also provide additional help to tutor to create an interactive learning environment. The tutor can also upload the reading material before or after the session or take an online test.

How It Works

Attending our UK tutors in their classes is very simple and easy. Go to our website and browse the tuition course you are interested. Navigate to the course page and click enrol. From the shopping cart, proceed to check-out. Enter your details and securely pay online via JazzCash or Telenor Easypaisa. You can also pay by bank transfer or request cash pickup. Once your payment is processed, we will send you the details and link to your classroom. Click on the link at the time and join the session. After the lesson you also get the link to the recorded session of the classroom to enable you to view it at later time for revision. 

Biology O-Level

Rs. 7,000

Chemistry O-Level

Rs. 7,000

English O-Level

Rs. 7,000

Maths O-Level

Rs. 7,000

Physics O-Level

Rs. 7,000
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